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Take a cinematic trip around the globe together with 4 film directors and 1 actress who are not afraid to cross borders… Welcome to 4 eventful nights in the heart of Brussels!

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At Gallery Art Base – admission 7 € per night, reservations: freeflyingfilms@gmail.com

All films are subtitled in English

Sunday 15 February+++ Anneta Papathanassiou has been acting on Stage and Television for over 20 years. She is also a teacher of drama, and has published two books about theatre. She has directed seven documentaries which include QADIR – AN AFGHAN ULYSSES (2008), THE NYMPHS OF HINDU KUSH (2011), PLAYING WITH FIRE(2014). She will be present at the festival to talk about her films.++++++ Tahera Hashemi is an Afghan actress, winner of Best Actress at the Kabul Festival 2011. She is  currently residing in Berlin, where she  participated as an actress at the Schaubühne youth theatre group. She is also one of the main characters in “Playing with Fire”. +++

+++PLOK (Philip, Luis, Otis and Karen) are a Brussels-born European musical amalgam of pop-rock balladry with a touch of bossa nova, reaching from Oslo to Aveiro to Padova and further. After a 2-year hiatus they reunite for this festival+++


19.00h: Festival OpeningLive music: PLOK (IT/NL/PT) play an acoustic setunnamed PLOK19.45h: Anneta Papathanassiou (GR) presents her work


Anneta Papathanassiou

The Nymphs of Hindu Kush (Greece, 2011, Color, Subtitled EN, 56′)

Best Documentary Award at SAID festival in Seattle in USA 2013, nominated for the Best Anthropology Concern Award at the International “Gold Panda” Awards for Documentary, China)


Playing With Fire (Greece, 2014, Color, Subtitled EN, 80′)

International “Gold Panda” Award for Documentary, China, 2014), Odysseus Award for Best documentary at the London Greek Film Festival 2014,  IFAB (International Film Awards Berlin) HONORABLE MENTION AWARD 2014 (Germany)


22.30h: Q&A session in the presence of Anneta Papathanassiou and Tahera Hashemi (AF) one of the Afghan actresses featuring in Playing With Fire

Monday 16 



+++ Sam Claeys is a well-known musician on the Belgian scene (Elements, der Klinke. MASK, ex-Red Zebra). He also possesses one of the best singing voices of the Lowlands. Sam will play an acoustic set of covers and own material+++

+++Tamara Erde is a French-Israeli filmmaker living and working in Paris. She will screen the short intimate portrait “Rober”, and her new documentary film “This is my land”, about the educational systems in Israel and Palestine. It premiered at the TIFF festival (Toronto), and was broadcast in the BBC arabic and France3.+++










18.30h: PRESS CONFERENCE in the company of all directors and actresses19.00h: Live music: Sam Claeys unplugged (BE)

270481_2206870612401_7700888_n Sam Claeys


+++NEW TIME+++ 19.45h: Tamara Erde (IL) presents her work


Tamara Erde

This Is My Land (Israel, 2014, doc, 90′, Grand prix du documentaire Enjeux Méditerranéens au festival Primed, Marseille


Here you will find all info about This Is My Land:

Presskit This is my land 22082014 light

21.15h: Q&A session with Tamara

21:30h: Rober (Israel, 2008, doc, 20′)


Tuesday 17 February+++ Dutch film makers Matte Mourik will present his documentary that some consider the ‘last taboo in Holland’: Queen Maxima’s father was part of the Argentinian Junta. He knew of the disappearances and the deaths. The Netherlands has the legal competence to put him on trial. Why has this never happened? Matte’s father is the man who started this debate, suing the Dutch state. After his death, Matte faced the question: should I choose for a comfy life, or should I pick up where my father has left? The documentary asks a number of uncomfortable, but crucial questions. 20h: “Homecomings”Anneta Papathanassiou (GR) presents Qadir, an Afghan Ulysses4dd11dc6d08d0


21.15h Matte Mourik (NL) presents his documentary ” The Fool and the Princess” (De Dwaze Zoon) (Netherlands, 2014, doc, 56′)


22.30h: Q&A session with Matte Mourik



Plus…. as a teaser for the Wednesday programme, we will screen the Greek short film Mercedes by Simos Korexenidis


Wednesday 18 February ++++The Cat On The Moon est le projet intimiste et plein de sensibilité de Fabien Dujeux qui unit son jeu de piano délicat à sa voix profonde et sincère.+++++++Wolves, c’est Veronique Jacquemein (voix) et Grażyna Bienkowski (piano) dans un duo à l’effectif intimiste mariant l’esthétique du jazz et du pop-rock dans un univers personnalisé++++++Simos Korexenidis is a multitalented film maker from Greece, who has produced subtle, nostalgic short films, two of which will be screened at the festival: Mercedes and One More Dance. Simos also worked for Greek TV productions, and also one of the assistant-directors for international film productions such as Captain Corelli’s Mandoline. Simos has been working closely together with our festival for almost 2 years now, selecting and presenting Greek short films+++

































19.00h: Live music:

10511270_581235408661722_13056954590286440_nThe Cat on The Moon

unnamedWolves (BE)


20.00: Simos Korexenidis presents a selection of Greek short films recently awarded at the Drama Festival for short filmsPreliminary programme:ONE MORE DANCE by Simos Korexenidis – 2012 – 12 min


Mrs Katy prepares a birthday party for Yannis, her husband. Nothing stopped her seeing him as her ideal other half. Even now that their son, Kostas, is in revolt…

CHAMOMILE by Neritan Zinxhiria – 2012 – 15 min


The best short feature film of the Greek Film Academy 2013, winner of the Fiction Golden Horseman at the 25th Dresden Filmfest -from the jury rapport: “Chamomile impressed the jury by its stillness and archaic nature. The strong visuals get stuck in your head. (…)  a little gem.” 

SWORDFIGHTS by Nasos Gatzoulis – 2014 – 15′


Makis, who is a professional deflowerer, visits psychiatrist Charalampos Babis in hope of resolving a personal issue. Their conversation will soon take an unexpected turn.

SAMOURE by Theo Papadoulakis – 2005 – 24′


A peculiar shepherd living in a village in the mountains of Crete hopes to one day become a true samurai. Samoure is a story of being different in a small community and the conflicts this causes.

JAFAR by Nancy Spetsioti – 2011 – 3′


Jafar is sitting in the waiting area of a hospital. The parents of 9- year-old Anna discourage her from sitting next to him…A hit on Youtube (almost a million views) which caused much debate in Greece and beyond. 

FOR ETERNITY by Maria Lafi – 2014 – 7′


A husband and wife meet again in the afterlife. A series of shocking revelations leads them to re-evaluate their relationship.

WASHINGTONIA by Konstantina Kotzamani – a much awarded short film – 2014 – 24′


“The red beetle.  A visitor from elsewhere. If you place an ear on a palm tree you’ll hear it creak. The beetle sits on top of the palm tree before its worms begin to make their way to its very heart. The red beetle feasts on the palm tree’s heart. And the palm tree dies. The only palm tree that is immune to the red beetle is the Washingtonia variety. The Washingtonia palm tree’s heart is small and dry and nobody likes small, dry hearts.”